Child protection?

What is going on when systems we put in place to enable us to do good (i.e. protect children) actually become barriers which hinder good being done? When people hear about home education, some wonder how good it can be to keep children at home with their family and away from the 'community' by which they mean 'school'. But if we turn that thought around, we could ask why it is considered good to keep children confined to the classroom and away from the world, the wider community and the many, many good adults from which / whom they can learn so much? Increasingly health and safety regulations and issues of child protection and insurance are restricting education for reasons which sound very noble and in the interest of our children. In fact, one could argue, they are also limiting education and opportunity and slowly killing community spirit. Some schools have become increasingly difficult places to get into and, whilst some may think that is a good thing, are we happy to send our children into institutions where we are not permitted to follow? Are we not slowly giving up parental responsibility to the dictates of a nanny state?