A Good Morning

On Friday mornings, I run an International Women's Group for women living outside of their home cultures. I started this following my own experience of being the foreigner in Turkey, and the group has grown by word of mouth with new women still joining weekly. Originally we met in my house fortnightly, but we were too crowded so we moved to a local Children's Centre. Now that we are home educating, the three boys have to accompany me to these meetings, but I am glad they get to meet people from different cultures, and I have tried to encourage them to get involved by helping with a display board where we have pinned a large map of the world. The boys have taken photographs of all the women and their children, and we have then put stickers showing where everyone comes from.

There are a good number of preschool children at the group, and we have a fortnightly creche. Yesterday, I noticed how well my elder two boys were playing with the younger children and looking after them in the other room. Later on, my eldest boy got out a book telling the Easter story, and gathered the children together so that he could read it to them. He got his brother involved in dramatising the story, and they soon had all the younger ones being Roman soldiers and disciples, and came to get some biscuits to be the Last Supper. I was so delighted to see their initiative and creativity, as well as the natural context which induced my eldest son to read. Several parents and the creche workers commented on how well they had done. It was a good morning.