A National Scandal

I wonder how many parents are aware just how many lessons in our schools are now being taught / covered by unqualified people due to a lack of teachers and funding? Is it because schools are unable to afford supply teachers that they resort to employing Cover Supervisors, who do not need to be qualified or even to have a very high level of education themselves? I am shocked to hear from my husband, who works in schools, how much this is happening. I suppose the equivalent in primary schools is the rise of the Teaching Assistant.

It seems to me that what we have in many schools is simply a childminding service which keeps our children off the street and enables parents to work. Must we wrap this in a noble blanket which we call 'education'? How would you define 'education'? How would you define a teacher's role? Is a teacher just a well-paid babysitter, or a governmental robot who should be able to control our children's behaviour and program them to pass tests? Or should a teacher not be an inspirational facilitator with a passion to impart a joy of learning and nurture creativity?