Learning from the Great Outdoors

With a good weather forecast for the weekend, we spontaneously packed up boys and camping gear and headed for the Peaks - the great outdoors. Our boys love camping, and somehow the sky and the open air seems to absorb the noise and energy which can drive me mad when we are all cooped up in the house! Our campsite was near the river, and many happy hours were spent paddling / fishing / damming all on a shoestring budget.

Another parent recently told me about the outdoor pursuits day her son's school had planned & were funding towards the end of the summer term. The children would get to build dens, she told me with enthusiasm. There is such a lot to be learned from spending time in the great outdoors, observing and engaging with nature. What a shame it has to wait until a day at the end of the summer term - with no guarantee that won't be wet!