Self-motivated maths

This morning I came downstairs to find our 4-year-old son cutting squares out of paper, writing numbers on them and placing them in order to form a number line. He had got to 10, and asked me how to write number 11. I explained 11 is one 10 plus 1 so we write it 11. He added a square for 11, then asked what came next. I tried to encourage him to see the pattern as I showed him how to write 12. He then figured out 13, 14, 15 and placed them in his line. He went to get his Thomas VTech laptop, and played a number recognition game for a while. When he had had enough, he got an envelope and put his paper number squares carefully away "so I can learn my numbers another day!" As I write, he is busily engaged in building geometric shapes with Geomag. Do not believe that if children are not pushed, they will learn nothing!