Media attention

When we returned to the UK from Turkey, I was looking forward to being anonymous. There were not many foreigners in our part of Ankara so I felt people were always watching us & commenting on what was different or distinctive about our family. This was not done in an unfriendly way, but still, as an introvert, I often wished I could just blend in and disappear.

This week I felt I have failed at being inconspicuous! Returning to our home country from overseas, we had stepped out of the box of normality, and could now see our own culture from a different angle. Perhaps this is a privilege, but it certainly makes it hard to blend in and disappear. Instead I find myself asking too many questions, and embarking on new adventures I would never have considered possible. Being different attracts attention.

This week we had a visit from a South Korean television crew who were making a documentary about home education in England. The family they had lined up backed out at the last minute, so through a fellow-home educating family, we were kind of 'roped in' ... with 2 days notice! I do not mind being an advocate for home education, but I am not really comfortable in front of the camera, so it was quite difficult for me to have the film crew in our home for 5 hours! The boys, however, loved it! They had so much to show the crew and to talk about, they didn't need any direction. I just let them get on with it. I wonder how much of the footage will end up in the actual programme! What was great for me was to see how confident the children were, and how eager to show off their work. Our eldest son was back to being the confident little person he used to be ... before school.

In keeping with the media theme, I have also been contacted by CBBCs 'Blue Peter' about some bags my middle son designed out of recycled jeans. Home education gives us more time to work on things like this. He had sent in some pictures hoping to get a badge like his brother, but following an email reply, he carefully prepared hand-written instructions for one of the programme's producers, who is having a go at making the bags himself before confirming the filming date we have pencilled in for October. I was really quite excited about this as I loved 'Blue Peter' as a child .... but the boys seem to take it in their stride, as though such excitement is just a part of the routine!

Guess I can forget being inconspicuous, anonymous, blending in and disappearing!
Being different attracts attention.