Whose responsibility?

A very interesting comment was made by a woman in the audience of Question Time last week. In a summary of the basic services she expected the government to provide, she included the responsibility to educate our children, and to educate them well. I am sure that many, many people in our country now agree with her and we all pay the price with our taxes.

How quickly public opinion changes.
Schooling only became compulsory in this country through the education acts at the end of the 19th century - so our state system is only 140 years old at most. It was opposed at the time. It's necessity was wrapped up with issues of poverty, class discrimination and with the social effects of the industrial revolution. It was aimed primarily at children who were not receiving adequate education.

Whilst the government might be required in some cases to act 'in loco parentis', with whom ought the responsibility for a child's education ultimately to rest?
With their government or with their parents?