Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Ready, steady, read .....

This week, my youngest son (who is 4), took a pack of word cards from the shelf. He began to look through them spelling out each word and reading them. Some were easier than others - at and had, for example, he managed without any problem. Other words are a bit more tricky - come and was, for example. So I sat with him and we looked at the words together. He worked his way through most of the pack. I then remembered some Oxford Reading Tree books I have upstairs, so I pulled them out and showed him one. I reminded him of 'got' and 'was' - words he had just encountered on the cards. I then encouraged him to read the beginning of the book, which he managed. He was very pleased with himself but, after a few pages, he had had enough and put the book and cards away.

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