Monday, 13 December 2010

Harry Potter - & the Power of Play

The influence of what children are exposed to upon their play is still in question. I have started to read the first Harry Potter book with my 2 elder boys, and this week games in the house have so clearly reflected what we have been reading: magic wands have been whittled from sticks and a shopping list for Diagon Alley carefully prepared. There is no question that their play is directly affected by what they are seeing and hearing ....

Also we should not underestimate the importance of children's play as they strive to make sense of the world. This is true not just in small, preschool children, but older children too. Whilst the early years provision in schools seems to take account of children's need for play, this does not continue beyond Year 1 when learning generally becomes much more formal. Watching my 9 year old play, I am convinced of its vitality as a learning process yet how much are children given the space and freedom to play creatively in our busy culture?

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