Wonderful Wool

When my eldest son (now 9) was 2-3 years old, he was fascinated by wool. When we lived in Turkey, we would walk through the market, and he would often want to buy a ball of coloured wool from the wool stall, and was happier with that than with a toy. He used to create huge webs around rooms, winding the wool around chair and table legs, drawer and door handles, scooting underneath his creation as he expanded it. When we were still in England, I was fortunate enough to find a nursery near our house which followed the Reggio Emilia philosophy of education which is very child centred. They allowed him to create these webs whilst in their care using masking tape, sellotape or string, and I would arrive to collect him and be shown his latest designs around the nursery.

Today we went to a gallery to see an exhibition in Drawing with Thread. The artist had used metal pins around which she had wound thread to create a picture. It was so cleverly done. There was a woman showing the children how to spin wool into yarn, and my eldest son was fascinated by this, and sat for a long time peddling the wheel and feeding in the wool until he had learnt how to do it. He remains very interested in wool, and in textiles and sculpture Perhaps we'll have a go at our own Drawing with Thread designs.

Artwork by Debbie Smyth, The Shire Hall Gallery, Stafford