Parachuting Parcels

This week we attended a workshop at Enginuity in Ironbridge. There were 10 home educated children there - aged between 5 and 11. The task was to bring an egg safely down from a height without damage, as slowly & gently and as close to a target as possible, whilst also creating an eye-catching parcel design.

The children looked at packaging, especially the importance of air cushioning and shock absorbers. They then worked alone or in a pair to package their egg and to create its landing gear.

Back together again, we looked at different sizes and designs of parachutes. The children then chose which type of parachute they wanted to use for their design, and worked to make & decorate it.

Each group was now given an egg to insert into their parcel ready for the final test.

The parachutes and parcels were hung onto a girder and hoisted about 8 metres up in the air. One by one they were launched by their creators, and their descent timed. Distance from target was measured and then the egg was checked for damage. All the children managed to bring their eggs safely down. My middle son achieved the slowest descent of just over 4 seconds. Two girls achieved closest to target - little more than 60cms away. And my eldest son proudly took best design for his quirky lollipop stick contraption - The Road to Crunchington!