A School Free Family

My husband has now left the teaching profession, with great relief and celebration. We are now a school free family, and will be taking immediate advantage of the fact we no longer have to take our holidays at peak times!

It's interesting how the home education philosophy infiltrates all areas of family life. From the beginning of July, we will be taking on a Kumon franchise, which is more in line with our educational philosophy. A system which originated in Japan, and was designed by a father for his son, Kumon is now a global maths and English programme. It is a long-term programme which aims to foster good study habits and encourages students to progress at their own pace. Crucially, it is an independent learning programme, where children learn without the direction of a teacher, progressing one small step at a time.

We also have a house move on the cards, so there is a lot going on in our family life at the moment. It is easy to feel as though the home education has to go a little onto the back burner, but by it's very nature, that is not true. The boys just have to get involved in all that is going on ... So they joined the party last night for Dad's exit from school, the eldest setting up a Nerf gun shooting range for the entertainment of our guests. And they will have to help too with packing up to move. But that's what life is like!