Potato Harvest

I was very glad, back in February, to hear about the Potatoes for Schools project, and that this opportunity was open to Home Educators as well as to all primary schools. Having registered online at www.potatoesforschools.org.uk we received our pack of resources in the post. It included a sheet of directions including the key dates for chitting, planting and harvesting, 2 large grow bags and labels, as well as several varieties of seed potatoes to be used. Duly following the schedule, we chitted and planted our potatoes back in March, and today enjoyed harvesting them. What would normally be shared between a class of 30, our three boys had to themselves and they enjoyed emptying the grow bags over our patio and hunting through the compost for potatoes. We had a fairly meagre crop - about 800g of potatoes in total. We also took the opportunity to harvest the overgrown spinach in our veg box, and it was very satisfying to come inside with our own home grown food to cook up for dinner. The elder two boys and I prepared the vegetables, and made a pie with the leftover chicken from yesterday's roast. People always say home grown vegetables taste so much better, and now we know for ourselves that this is true!