Working in the Public Sector

Our school system should be good at producing public sector workers. Successful pupils can become successful graduates, and work in the public sector could provide a comfortable next step into another institution. Institutions do not like innovators, free thinkers ... not really. They like you to toe the party line.

It could be easy to slip into, it's 'something to do' ... but if work in the public sector is viewed as a sentence one must suffer until rewarded with a nice pension in one's later years, then haven't we rather lost the plot? Public sector workers are known for their griping and moaning (ask anyone married to a teacher!) but, actually, they have a pretty good deal, or they have had up to now. We have to face the fact that the days of 'jobs for life' are gone. Gone too are the days when we knew we could retire at 60 or 65, gone is the assurance of a good pension. Are these really the things in which our security lies?

Do you work in a job you hate day after day holding out for that great pension you've been promised one day? Do you dream of a comfortable retirement? What would you do with that retirement anyway? You'd probably soon get bored of doing nothing!!

I think we need to completely change this way of thinking. Teach because you love it. Nurse because you love it! Be a policeman or a fireman because that is what you most want to be! Perhaps do it for a few years, then do something else. See yourself as a verb not as a noun, able to change with the circumstances, move with the times. Why not work til you're 68, or 75, as long as you're doing something you're able to, something you enjoy. Be a portfolio worker - a bit of this, a bit of that. Make your own work. Use your gifts, skills, initiative, wheel and deal a little. Don't be stuck in a rut, doing something which makes you miserable, especially not for the promise of retirement at 65 and a fat pension. What then when the promises evaporate? Where does your security lie?