A New Home

Well, we moved house ... 4 weeks ago! New place, more space and slowly emerging now from the chaos of the upheaval. It feels as though any home educating has been on the back burner the last few weeks, and now the schools have broken up, the boys have a new bunch of neighbourhood friends around them and spend a lot of time playing out in front of our house, which is also an important part of childhood. They have seen us in disarray, dismantling one home and establishing another. There has been furniture to move and arrange, boxes to unpack, new rooms to fill and personalise, and plenty of flatpack to assemble. Alongside all this, we have:

continued with the Kumon programme (almost daily) and our youngest son has made great strides in his reading;
signed up to the local library's summer reading challenge, which we so enjoyed last year;
attended our small city's annual arts festival, highlights of which, for us, were the arts and craft tent where this year we made textile birds, and a ukelele workshop;

attended a World War 2 workshop at a local RAF museum (eldest son with his grandfather) where he learned about evacuation and made his own gas mask box and ID card;
enjoyed days at our local wildlife trust, hunting bugs and looking at food chains one day, and conducting river studies on another;
taken a trip up to a farm festival in Derbyshire to see the Theatre of Widdershins' latest production, "The King's Got Donkey's Ears" before it hits the Edinburgh festival;

noticed on the web that the Birmingham Stage Company were performing 'Horrible Histories' which our eldest son has become very keen on lately on the TV. When I saw that the show was 'The Egyptians', it seemed too good to miss as a finale to our studies of the Ancient Egyptians, so I sent my eldest son off with his grandfather again to see that. He was very impressed, especially interested in the mummification, part of which was done in 3D!! ...
joined our home education group on their annual Shakespeare excursion to see "A Comedy of Errors" performed in the open air at a nearby castle. We read and acted out the story beforehand with Lego figures, and the boys enjoyed the performance very much!
continued our Marco Polo project by making mosaics from ceramic fragments, and learning about how camels are specially designed as desert travellers. This involved writing, and I noticed vast improvements in the boys' writing confidence and ability, which I am sure comes from the daily practise of Kumon ...
enjoyed a day out on a farm with our home education group, where we got to meet lots of the animals and learn about food and farming, as well as enjoying a wildflower meadow walk on a sunny afternoon;
visited Plantasia and enjoyed exploring the mazes, building shelters and getting up close to a stag and learning about antlers;

observed and taken in to hedgehog rescue a young, dehydrated hedgehog from our new garden ...

It's funny how once I start writing it all down, in a month when I consider we haven't done very much, it turns out we've done loads!!