All in a week's work ....

This has been a week in which we have all been ill with a cold and sore throat bug, yet we have still been busy with lots of activities going on.

On Monday, after our daily Kumon work, and completing one of the boys' weekly readings each - These include history stories from the book, "Our Island Story" by H.E Marshall, and other suggestions from the Ambleside Online Curriculum - we continued our Marco Polo project journeying across Afghanistan, learning the legend of the Old Man of the Mountains and the origin of the word 'assassin'.

On Tuesday, the boys went with their Dad to Enginuity, the science museum in Ironbridge, and took part in a workshop to design and test buggy racers. This was with our Home Educators' Group, and the boys had a lot of fun. Our eldest brought his buggy home, and has continued in subsequent days modifying and redesigning it.

On Wednesday, the boys really weren't well, so we had a quiet day at home completing some readings and playing a lot with Lego in the hope they would be well enough for Thursday, which saw the launch of our Forest School on a piece of land at the farm we meet at fairly regularly with our Home Educators' Group. The sun smiled upon us, as we got to know our patch of forest, marking out hazards (Health and Safety!!) and making Journey Sticks from things we found in the woods decorated with thread, beads and feathers. The evening took all 3 boys out to chess and karate clubs.

On Friday, there were things I needed to do and the boys accompanied me and amused themselves, though we completed our readings and work for the week, which made me feel we are getting back into the swing of our routines. Street dance and cubs in the evening. Then a busy Saturday. In the morning we went to a Heritage event at a local canal, with vintage cars, candy floss and puppet show along with woodcarvers and soap makers who were of interest to our eldest son, the entrepreneur. In the afternoon, the boys went with their Grandma to a felt-making workshop, creating colourful patterns inside felt balls and then making these into creatures using pipe cleaners, feathers and buttons.

Sunday afternoon, we went to a local museum to make hobby horses from canes and cardboard at our middle son's request. Along with a bike ride in the sunshine, this was a relaxing end to a busy week. Sometimes I think people wonder what home educators do, or imagine that we are stuck at home keeping our children isolated from reality. From this week, you can see that we are busy, out and about in our community, making the most of the many opportunities which are open to us - most of them for free!