Free trip to the cinema anyone?

As part of National Schools Film Week, schools and home educators are invited to take children to their local cinema for free. There is a selection of films on offer for both primary and secondary age groups and, on the website, lesson plans built around each film. We were able to see 'Rio' - the story of a blue macaw, who returns to his native Brazil to court a female in an attempt to save his species from disappearing. It was a colourful, feel-good film with a lively soundtrack, and a great way to spend a Friday morning! Our discussion in the car home centred on bird trafficking, and the geography of the film. We later followed a link on the website to find out about an associated competition to write a film review. Knowing what reluctant writers my boys are, I encouraged them to have a go. We looked at a few reviews to give us the idea, and they sat down to try to write. It is always painful, and often involves high drama from our eldest! I know that we need to work on their ability to communicate the great ideas in their heads with others through the written medium ... This is something we continue to work on!