The Sunshine

One of the great things about Home Education is the freedom it gives you to react to the weather and plan activities accordingly. The British weather tends not to comply with school holidays, which can be especially frustrating for families. Last week we enjoyed some unusually warm autumn weather, and it was great to be able to enjoy being outside in the sunshine. The boys were booked to attend a day's fishing with our Home Education Group, and with the weather so beautiful, this proved to be one of the highlights of all their Home Educational experiences. They received one-to-two tuition with a coach, and successfully caught fish large and small. I was surprised at how patiently they sat all day, enjoying the sunshine and the tranquility. It was difficult to get them to stop for lunch and to come away at the end of the day.

Forest School took place as scheduled with shelter building outside in the sunshine, including testing how waterproof their constructions were by pouring water over them. I was tempted to load the camping gear into the car this week and head up for a few days in the Peak District, but I couldn't quite summon the energy, though I love the idea of being so spontaneous. Instead, we decided to make a camp in our garden, so we pitched the tent and had a barbeque tea outside. As it was so mild, I thought the boys might enjoy sleeping out in the tent, but after an hour out there together by torchlight, they radioed in to say the younger two didn't like the dark and they were coming in!

Another day, we took a family trip up to Dovedale in the Peak District and enjoyed a 5 mile walk up the river and a picnic lunch. My eldest son also had a great day out with the cubs at a local scout camping ground. They built rafts and tested them (getting soaking wet in the process) and then built dens from natural materials in the afternoon. I took my middle son to a workshop at a local museum where we learned about Food Chains on the Galapagos Islands. He then had a lovely afternoon in the park with a former schoolfriend.

And then the rain began to come down, and we are back to more normal autumnal climes!