Scouting for Boys

My eldest son - who will soon be 10 - has come rather late to scouting, expressing a wish to join a local cub pack with only six months until he will be due to graduate to scouts. Nevertheless, I was pleased as I have been encouraging him in this direction for some time with no joy. Having attended the group for several weeks, he decided to proceed with his investiture, after thoroughly questioning the meaning of the promise, and in particular, what exactly his duty to the Queen might entail. He returned home with several badges to sew on to his new jumper, as well as a pack explaining the opportunities available in scouting, and the cub badge work. He immediately set about reading this manual and ticking off badges already attained, as well as those he might work towards, with great aplomb, announcing this could be his new homeschool curriculum. And there is indeed an array of learning opportunities within this book for a small boy with initiative and time on his hands. So far, he has studied ordnance survey maps, the Highway Code, a little astronomy and World Faiths - with a particular interest in Diwali. We have discussed environmental issues, and issues of poverty. He has interviewed a local friend about his life, and times when he had to try his best. And he has undertaken woodwork projects with my Dad, making a fine toolbox and nesting box. I think his objective is to get as many cub badges as he can in the shortest possible space of time! And with such productivity, long may it continue!