Tuesday, 29 November 2011

A Very Tasty Chinese Lesson

Having lived overseas, which provides the perfect opportunity for children to learn another language, I have been keen to build on those foundations. It is so much easier for children to learn a second language when they are young. In my opinion, even the Government's new scheme to introduce a second language at Key Stage 2, misses the key learning window for language development. This needs to start much younger. A challenge for me here has been creating a second language environment within our home. We do this by having a native Chinese speaker come to work with the boys once a week. She is wonderful, and through games, competitions and various activities, the boys scarcely realise how much they are learning, they are having so much fun. Today we had decided to have a practical Chinese lesson with this lady - making Chinese vegetable spring rolls. As they worked, she reinforced the language they have been learning, numbers and colours, as well as introducing the names of vegetables and cooking verbs. At the end of the morning, we had a very tasty plate of spring rolls to enjoy as well! More Chinese cookery lessons are planned for the future ...

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