Home Educating when you feel ill ....

When you feel like the centre of the education process in your home, it is a worry when you feel too ill to do anything. Then what? If I am responsible for the education of my children, how will they learn if I am not well enough to get on with the work which needs to be done?

For a control freak like me, being ill can be a useful reminder that it is the children who are learning, not me teaching them. I hope I do sometimes teach them things, but it doesn't all actually revolve around me!

The boys are very good at playing together, looking after themselves and entertaining one another. There are not often declarations of boredom. This week, as we have suffered with horrid colds and coughs and sore throats, they have got on independently with their Kumon work, and with some of the other activities I have suggested. They have made a few things, sorted out what they are giving everyone for Christmas, played board games together and lots of imaginative games with their Lego, invented new games and, perhaps most importantly, helped with meals and jobs which have needed to be done, and looked after one another.

I am reminded of the breadth of home education, and also of the fact that when I take my foot off the accelerator and stop nagging them, I am probably a much nicer mother to have around, and we probably get just as much done as when I am feeling more in control.