Willing writing

Following on from the post below,"Encouragement ...", today sons 2 and 3 sat down willingly to do some writing. My middle son drew a comic strip, including text, and his younger brother decided to produce a new story in his 'Adventures of Alfie' series. Alfie is an imaginary friend, who appears periodically, and we have quite a collection of 'books' my son has produced about their adventures together. Usually, he has drawn a series of pictures and then narrated what I am to write. But today, when I suggested he did his own writing, he was more than happy to do so and produced 5 or 6 pages of pictures and text like the one shown below. A little help was needed with how to write some of the words, so I put those requested on to the white board for him to copy. It was great to see him enjoying writing for himself.