Back to Routine

After a holiday, it can be a challenge to get back into routines. With me increasingly heavy due to pregnancy, and with far too much time being spent on the Wii and computer games over the past few weeks, I had a discussion with the boys about what might help us focus our time and achieve our objectives. The two eldest both said a timetable is helpful to them, and it is helpful to me too as it gives a sense of taking control over our time together. Some children do seem to thrive on routine and like to know what happens when. At the same time, I know that trying to plan our time too rigidly leads to failure as we are then unable to enjoy the flexibility home education allows us.

I therefore spent this morning putting together a timetable for the coming term. It includes a structured morning, with some blocks of time more loosely defined - for example, project work allows the boys to work on whatever they are busy with, or interested in, at a particular time. There is time for their Chinese lesson, our Ambleside readings, the fortnightly meetings of our Home Education group at our local library, time for each boy to be at their Grandparents' individually, Science and swimming with their Dad, nature study, art and music appreciation and the various clubs the boys enjoy. There is plenty of free time for unstructured play, Lego, computer games etc.

We'll start tomorrow, and see how it goes ....