It was something of a surprise to me to find myself leading a session on anything technological for our home education group, but I was happy to share my enthusiasm for blogging with the group of parents and children aged 5 to 12. I have taught myself to blog, build basic websites and transfer video tape to DVD in recent years - all very much to my surprise. I guess this goes to show that we will learn what we want to learn when it is useful to us, and that if we put our minds to something, we can figure it out, seeking help from relevant sources and teaching ourselves. For the blogging session, I started by pointing out that if I can do this, truly anyone can!

I showed the group this blog, and talked about a project I have come across called 'Project 365' where you take a photo every day through a year and build up a photo diary. Not only is this a record of a year in your life, but a discipline encouraging you to pay more attention to the small moments in each day which can otherwise slip by unnoticed. Inspired by a friend of mine to give this a go, it is a project I am undertaking this year, but it is not proving easy. I seem to forget my camera and lack the required discipline to capture the moment. Still, it was an idea for a photographic project for the children and parents in our group, and I was surprised at the enthusiasm for blogging with which my talk was met.

I had thought the session might be rather over my youngest son's head, but to my surprise he was the most enthusiastic of my three boys about getting started on his own blog as soon as we got home. The great thing about blogging, is that you can blog about whatever is of interest to you. All three boys did, in the following days, proceed to start their own blogs - with a common theme, Lego! I received phone calls the next day from others in the group requiring technical advice which led to the successful launch of their own blog, and emails from others who had also been inspired and got started.

I look forward to following our group's blogs in the coming months, and was pleased to have been able to so inspire!