Accessing Learning

In thinking about autonomous learning in the modern world, it is easy to see how we can be motivated by a desire to learn something, access the required information or skills, and get on with it independently - whether by using books, other people who can share a skill with us, or the Internet. We have access to so many resources and learning opportunities that this is not difficult to do - for adults or for children - and it is one of the reasons I believe we will see an increase in 'home' (independent) education in the coming years.

My youngest son, just 6, reminded me of how effective this type of learning can be this week when he went to the computer announcing he wanted to learn 'Keon Kata' for his karate class. He sat himself down and typed 'Kombat Kids' (the name of his club) into Google search, then clicked on it when it came up. I helped him a little with the menu the first time - showing him the link to 'video' - which he then clicked bringing up a choice of video demonstrations. He selected the desired 'Keon Kata', then watched intently and attempted to copy the moves.

I never would have thought to look on the club website for video demonstrations, but he had obviously picked up where to access this learning, and motivated by his own desire to learn, was using his initiative. I think this is a really important skill for lifelong learning, and nurturing such initiative in the boys is one of our key objectives in home education.