Inspiration from Mary McLeod Bethune

Most mornings, the boys and I read from Dave & Neta Jackson's books of Hero Tales, which provide a thought for the day and much interesting discussion based on the life of inspirational Christian figures from history.

This week, we have learned from the life of Mary McLeod Bethune, who was born the daughter of a freedman in the southern USA in 1875. Given the opportunity to learn and progress through college, Mary wanted to give something back and start a school for black children, for whom very limited education was generally provided. Her vision for her dream school started in her mind, and grew from there to become a reality. Her vision for her school inspired me, and is described thus:

1. She'd fill it with song to express the longings of her people.
2. It would look like Scotia (the college where she had studied), with beautiful buildings and grounds.
3. It would train boys and girls to work for a living, learning all sorts of skills and trades.
4. It would give all the world's learning, including the arts and sciences.
5. It would teach the duties and privileges of citizenship.
6. It would be a living part of the community - reaching out in service, building up her people to take their rightful place as productive citizens.

"We seek to educate the head, the hands and the heart" was Mrs Bethune's educational philosophy. Amen to that!!