A Sociable Weekend

Having written below about the issue of socialisation (See "The Big Question"), which always seems to be such a concern to people, we had such a busy weekend trying to manage the boys' social lives - as well as our own! The eldest was off on a 2-night cub camp, which he thoroughly enjoyed. As one of the oldest cubs, he was called upon to help out and to take more responsibility. What a joy to be told he was a pleasure to have around. Scouting has given him many opportunities already, and with another camp coming up, it is great for him to be able to get away for a few days with his friends. Meanwhile, his brother was off on a sleepover with a friend he met through one of our home educating groups, so we arranged for our third son to have a friend from church sleep over and keep him company. A good time was had by all! Having picked up and dropped off, we went as a family to meet some new friends we met through our ante-natal course - with a baby the same age as ours - to join their church picnic at a farm. Another chance for the boys to mix with people of all ages. Admittedly, they were all 3 rather tired by that point, but it did me good to get out in the fresh air!