The Vikings

The Vikings really seem to have captured our eldest two boys' imagination. We came across them in our second son's history readings in "Our Island Story", and Grandpa followed this up with further stories, and a model Viking ship which they are constructing together from a kit. He and I are also reading Jennie Hall's 'Viking Tales' and our eldest son't enthusiasm for the 'How to Train Your Dragon' series by Cressida Cowell has tied in nicely. I often find in home education that things 'come together' in a wonderful way without any planning on my part. Our second son picked up the first 'How to Train Your Dragon' book yesterday, and read through it in an evening and a day. This morning, he sat curled up on the sofa with the sequel. His elder brother continues to work his way through the series, and I love to hear them discussing the books, the plot and the characters whilst travelling in the car. Is there a need for them to write down a description of a character, or to rewrite the plot on a worksheet, when their conversation show such understanding orally? A friend asked me recently how we 'assess' the boys' learning, but when we spend so much time with them and are able to listen to their conversations, their progress is evident. A discussion of the Norse Gods over breakfast this morning highlighted my own ignorance on the subject! All we need now is a week in Yorkshire to include a trip to Jorvik - the Viking centre in York. I'll have to see what can be arranged!

Viking figure, wire and clay.