Home Ed at its best

After a great start to our day with the bee man showing up (See previous post), the boys got on with some Kumon before their Chinese lesson. After that, our 3rd son was eager to work at his Chinese characters for the teacher, so he sat down at the computer to watch an animation she had given us and proceeded to read the Chinese and English and to copy down the various words and symbols. Meanwhile, our eldest son was busy making soap. He has made and sold soap in the past and the acquisition of a stack of little gift boxes, which he collected from the tables at a recent wedding reception, has motivated him to make a new batch. Our 2nd son was finishing his Kumon, and doing some further subtraction problems from a maths workbook.
Then, eldest son said he wanted to do more work about the body. We looked at cells recently, and he had produced a really good drawing of a cell on the computer, and labelled it, whilst his brother did the same by hand. I said, "OK" - thinking, well let's just go with the flow. He decided to look at the lungs so he got out the book and began to draw the lungs on the computer and to read the information. Our 3rd son, free by now, decided he would like to do some work on the body too - so I suggested we draw around him and then he could put the organs into the body outline. We started to do this, and our 2nd son decided he would do the same. So they were all occupied with this.
Tomorrow, their Dad will have them for science, so I looked up online how to do a simple experiment to measure lung capacity, and I thought they could perhaps then make a graph using the computer to show the results. The eldest, especially, seems to like working on the computer at the moment.
After lunch, whilst waiting for the book his brother was using, son number 2 did an illustration for a Just So story we read the other day - part of his ongoing Just So project. Our 3rd son went off for his afternoon with his Grandparents where he did more work on his body outline - including putting in real length intestines made of wool! He also made little 'bee' cakes (like butterfly cakes but with apricot stripes!) His older brothers and I watched an episode of 'Wild China' which is part of our ongoing Marco Polo work. Our eldest son finished his Kumon, by which time it was the end of the school day, and time to call on the boy next door who came round to play Lego.
The boys helped bathe their baby brother and we all enjoyed the usual bedtime stories. It was a productive day, yet I didn't have to nag. It was autonomous learning at its best. A good day!