International Visitors

One of the issues I have with schooling local to us is the lack of exposure to other cultures. This is something which is very important to me, and we had several opportunities this week to widen the boys' worldview. An old Japanese friend of mine, with whom I participated in an exchange as a teenager, came to stay with us with her 4 year old son. My six year old was very eager to try and learn a few words of Japanese to enable him to greet them at the airport. It was funny to watch the two of them playing alongside one another, chatting away - one in Japanese, one in English - neither seeming particularly bothered by the language barrier. They were both pleased to discover two words they both understood - Mario Kart, the international language of Nintendo! Following their departure, we welcomed a 10 year old friend of ours whose family emigrated to Canada 3 years ago. The boys enjoyed hearing about his experience of life over there. I was glad of the flexibility we enjoy, which enabled the boys to participate in these visits, and I hope interests were sparked and relationships formed which might enable the boys to travel on exchange visits in the future.