If you search the web, there are many examples of lapbooks being created by home school families to present project work. Click here for some examples. I decided to have a go ourselves, thinking it would be a good way to encourage my reluctant writers to produce some well-presented work to showcase. I have invested in some notice boards at home with the same purpose, and given one to each boy to display his work on.
Our first lapbook was the culmination of our project on bees. We used an Amazon delivery packet with fold out flaps for our lapbook - painting it with black and yellow stripes. Each of my three sons decided what he would produce to include. They all copied out a poem - the youngest writing his own. The eldest did some work on pollination and the parts of flowers, and also organised the photos from the project and wrote about what we had seen. My middle son wanted to make a bee hive which opened up. He was inspired by a piece of bubble wrap to use that for the cells inside the hive. He also wrote about what happens in there. The youngest has enjoyed several books about bees, and included a cyclical diagram of the process of egg changing into bee. Here are some pictures of our first attempt. We have plans for a second one on the Olympic Games!