My third son (6) has been interested in the Ancient Egyptians for some time. He was having nightmares about 'mummies' sparked by a children's TV show which, despite his elder brother's best efforts to explain exactly what mummies are, continued to recur. So I was surprised when , recently, he got out an Usborne book about this ancient culture and expressed an interest in learning more about it.

When visiting the art gallery and museum in our nearest city, we noticed an exhibition on the Pharaohs which sons no 1 and no 3 wanted to look at. We had a good look round and they completed a museum trail. The best exhibits were huge stone tablets with clear hieroglyphic writing preserved upon them. Son no 3 enjoyed writing his name in hieroglyphics and, when we got home, he made a small tablet out of clay into which we carved his code name. He was also inspired to make a small clay Pharaoh figure.

I often look for Barefoot books on different cultures and countries, and pulled out a lovely one we have on Egypt, "We're Sailing Down the Nile." These books often have information at the back of the book about the country or culture they are exploring.

We discussed a visit we made to Egypt when son no 1 was small, including a trip sailing down the Nile on a felucca, also recent political developments in Egypt and the revolution which overthrew President Mubarak.

We then decided to make a big map of Egypt, which is a great way to learn something of the geography of a region. Son no 3 will label it, draw features and stick on relevant pictures to do with the country's history, geography, culture, animals, produce and religion. He is also making a plaster bandage mask of Tutankhamun's death mask such as his brothers made when they looked at the Ancient Egyptians a while ago.

In a home educating coincidence, this summer's holiday club at our church, which the boys have enjoyed attending this week, was themed 'Pyramid Rock' and looked at the story of Joseph with lots of Egyptian themed activities, which fit in really well with our topic work!