Musical Tendencies

Yesterday, the boys and I went to a different group I have discovered for home educators locally. It was well attended, with plenty of boys, which was a plus, and it was also well organised. The children had the opportunity to join in with a french session, a music session, a story time, and with parachute games outside. There was also a round robin of science activities laid out on tables in the hall - all on a 'sound' theme. These engaged my 6 year old particularly, and my 9 year old enjoyed the music sessions and liked the way the morning was organised. My eldest was less enthused. It is so hard to find something to suit everyone.

Apart from the music session, which was adult led, one small room was set aside for musical exploration, with a whole range of interesting and unusual percussion instruments laid out for the children to play with. My second son was in his element, and when I went in to see what he was up to, he was playing with a set of bells, which he carefully arranged according to pitch and started to compose tunes with. He was so absorbed by this activity, I was thrilled to watch him, and it made me think about how different children are and how they can display giftedness in a particular area. He also enjoyed tapping out rhythms on a small Indian style 'dohl' drum, and has since expressed an interest in acquiring one similar to practise with.

It has left me wondering how we encourage and develop his musical talent ...