Thursday, 20 December 2012

Individual Learning Styles

A feature of home education ought to be a recognition of individual learning style, enabling a child to learn in the way he or she prefers. I have picked up a book this week which a friend gave me several years ago, prior to her return to her home country of New Zealand. I don't know why it has taken so long for me to get around to studying it ... Well, I do know: I am just a bit busy most days with a lively baby and 3 older boys to educate!! ;) Still, I am glad I have picked this book up. It is called, "The Power of Diversity: New Ways of Learning and Teaching through Learning Styles" by Barbara Prashnig, an educator and trainer. I have only just begin, and more insights from my reading will surely shape our educational journey and so find their way into future posts. So far I have been reminded that my own learning style will be the primary determiner in the way that I teach my children. Yet, their learning style is unlikely to be the same as mine. Indeed, each of them will have their own preferred way of learning. As difficult as it might be for schools to discover and cater for the individual child, in the home environment there is really no excuse. I must find this key to unlocking the learning potential of each of my children. Otherwise I will fail them - just as a school would. I mentioned in a recent post, "Secondary Dilemmas" my realisation that my eldest son learns orally through conversation and asking seemingly endless questions. This was a revelation. Most importantly, it freed him from my expectation that he needed to learn as I do. Now my task is to discover and tap into the learning styles of his younger brothers. I don't feel I have yet managed that. I hope this latest book will help me to be more perceptive and to rise to that challenge.


  1. Hey Alice

    Thanks for the reminder about that book!! I will have to dig out a copy from the library here. don't know if Shingai told you that we are homeschooling now too. Like you say it is a journey finding out the kids learning styles rather than just imposing mine!! Will be taking the Christmas 'break' to let learning flow in other ways to see if we can tweak things a bit here. Happy New Year. Yossarian

  2. Hi Yossarian,
    I have just seen your comment here! Doh! Great to hear you're homeschooling. Hope you're enjoying it. Try and relax and go with the flow ... Hope you get some inspiration and encouragement here!!