Lessons from the Encyclopedia

So, was a bit stumped as to what topic to start with sons 2 and 3 (aged 9 and 6) so decided we could do worse than work our way through their Usborne Internet Linked Children's Encyclopedia. This week we have been reading through a double page each morning together, and the boys then look at the quicklinks on the computer which provide further information and interesting weblinks on the same topic. So far we have been looking at the earth, the seasons, the weather. The boys love this view of the earth showing areas in daylight at the current time and those in darkness. It helped son no 3 understand why people in Australia are nocturnal - as he puts it! We have also made a sundial out of a soft drink cup, and sugar crystals are currently growing on the kitchen windowsill. This afternoon, watching Attenborough's latest documentary on Africa, son no 2 pointed out the "lenticular clouds". It never ceases to amaze me how they put all their knowledge together and apply it. And no lesson planning required, just a good old encyclopedia.