"Chez Nous" (Our home restaurant)

For some time our three older boys have been promising their grandparents a meal for which they will each prepare a course. There has been much discussion as to the menu and who will prepare what. Well, last night, our conservatory became the restaurant and the boys spent the afternoon preparing the great event. Our 7 year old carefully made menus, and they laid the table and chose some music with the right ambiance. Our 11 year old - inspired by his recent Chinese cookery session - made a starter of crispy Chinese vegetarian spring rolls

The main course was our 7 year old's signature dish - moussaka with Turkish style pilau rice. Dessert was rhubarb crumble, cooked by our 10 year old using rhubarb from his own vegetable patch.

A lovely meal, and a very nice evening! I think Grandma and Grandpa enjoyed it too!