Learn Free

Last month I had the privilege of attending the second annual Learn Free conference for Christian Home Educators, and I was particularly inspired by the talks on Unschooling by Cathy Koetsier.

Cathy has a website (www.christian-unschooling.com) which I find so refreshing and encouraging.

Some of the key thoughts from Cathy's conference address ....

- what you want
- when you want
- in the way that you want
- for as long as you want
- for your own reasons

"Learning is to people what swimming is to fish" (John Holt)

IDEAS are food for the mind > Read, read read!

We can be fearful. Fear can lead us to TRUST ... God, ourselves, our children or to try to CONTROL ... through testing, rules, regulations, external measures.
Perfect love casts out fear.

Freedom and Responsibility ... Cathy talks about the lambs enjoying their life in a delightful pasture with a strong boundary fence around. She expounds this image on her website (Click on Limits on Freedom) where you will also find some revelationary insight on Shepherding Hearts.

The basis of good unschooling is connection, relationships. Give your children SPACE & TIME to learn according to who they are. The uniqueness of ME. Discovering WHO I AM & WHY I AM HERE.

It was lovely to hear from two home educated young adults (One of whom was Cathy's second daughter) talking about their experience. Although they were very different personalities, and had had very different educational experiences at home, they both came across as being self-assured with a good understanding of who they were and how they worked. Incidently, in their early twenties, they both had their own businesses and were continuing in their journeys of lifelong learning.