I have been really challenged by the unschooling idea of following your child's interest even if it is not one you share. We are all so different. My children are so different!

My eldest son is very interested in gadgets and computers - like his Dad, and unlike me! He has been so engaged by the Minecraft game on the computer over recent months. I confess - in common with many mothers, I am sure - my natural tendency is to discourage him from spending hours sat in front of the screen looking at these strange (to my eyes) cubic graphics. I began to wonder what it is about the game which makes it so captivating to youngsters, and decided to dig around on the web to see what other more technically minded folks than I are saying about it.

I met one home educating parent who had built a whole 'project' around her son's Minecraft interest involving a dig into geology and visits to museums with various rock sample displays. I was in awe! I was intrigued to read, as I researched, how creative this game is seen to be, with children creating and adapting their own worlds and then sharing them with one another. I am trying to open my mind to the possibilities ...

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