First Class Activities

Our toddler is proving a real handful and is also not a great sleeper. The result is that I am tired and there are days when I feel I am not providing the quality home education I want the boys to have. The dynamics have changed at home with our eldest at school. He has always been a dominant personality, so it is very quiet. He is also often the leader and instigates games. So now the other two need to step up and fill the gap he has left. I think it is important to give them the time to adjust and to do that. They miss him. We were involved in a couple of first class workshops last week, which encouraged me, and also made me sad that Son No 1 was in school and missing them. The first one was run by my husband for our home education group in a local village hall. It involved looking at platonic solids and then playing with creating these shapes using wine gums and cocktail sticks. It was brilliant to see parents as well as kids getting involved and enjoying mathematics.

We then attempted to build a giant geodesic dome out of rolls of newspaper and masking tape. Although we ran out of time, a lot of fun was had in the attempt - and some great teamwork was demonstrated!

The following day, we had another great day organised by The Stoke Museums. In the morning, the children had a science workshop "FEEL THE HEAT" with plenty of hands-on activities, the highlight of which was burning magnesium (always dramatic!), as well as measuring temperature changes in miniature replica bottle kilns.

After lunch, it was time for some creative artwork inspired by the art deco style of Clarice Cliff. I love the way that a group of people, given the same stimuli, produce such individual and unique responses.