If a child is bored at school, blame the system!

Love this article in today's Telegraph ... "If a child is bored at school, blame the system" The writer's experience is similar to our own, particularly his description of the worrying change in his daughter ... "But seeing our fizz-ball of a daughter literally fizzle out within just a few weeks of changing class was too appalling for us to see. We felt compelled to do something. We tried looking for another school – both in the private and state sectors. To our astonishment, none offered us much comfort. They talked about wonderful food, superlative facilities, excellence in health and safety, anti-bullying and, of course, their great results, but none ever volunteered a zero-tolerance policy on boredom."

Timely, since I have spent the whole evening listening to my eldest son telling me how bored he is at school - and he's only been there a week! I thought it might take a little longer for the novelty to wear off! Early days, perhaps?