All things Piratey!

In home education, learning often follows a child's interest. People sometimes ask me how this works. My third son has had an ongoing interest in pirates stretching back to his birthday in the New Year. He enjoyed reading 'Treasure Island' with his Grandpa, and watching the film "Pirates in an Adventure with Scientists" following which we enjoyed a visit to the exhibition showcasing the scenes and figures used in the animation.

His grandparents have built on this interest and there have been a number of ongoing pirate and nautical themed activities including piratey LEGO play, piratey pictures, maps and stories, a pirate puppet, a pirate jigsaw puzzle and, most magnificently, a wonderful wooden ship which, he declares, is the BEST thing he has EVER made! (All credit to Grandpa!) I think this one might become a family heirloom! The HMS Crocodile features a moulded figure head and an anchor cast in metal.

I should also show here his older brother's sailing boat - also created with Grandpa's assistance.

Continuing the nautical theme, the two boys were taken by their Grandparents to Hartlepool where they visited the Maritime Experience - Home of HMS Trincomolee. They had a great time and particularly enjoyed exploring the ship.

As is often the way in home education, the theme for this month's meet-up was "Ocean Going Vessels" where one family shared their interest in RMS Lusitania. Activities included learning about floating, sinking and buoyancy of different materials, making miniature wooden boats, making underwater scenes and debating what might have happened on that fateful day the Lusitania went down on 7th May 1915.