Coding and Programming

My second son has developed a keen interest in computing, gaming and coding. This has come as something of a surprise to me as I would not have thought he was this way inclined as a younger child. However, we have been observing him and considering how to encourage this new interest. He bought himself an Android tablet a few months ago and has enjoyed exploring the various games and apps - especially 'Sketchpro' with which he has been creating artwork inspired by David Hockney. He has helped his Grandma set up her tablet, and now has her friends consulting him on technical matters too!

My husband was discussing with him how a TV might be made 'smart' and they decided to get hold of a Raspberry Pi to see if they could do that. It is a cheap credit card sized computer which encourages kids to experiment and program. This seems to be a hit with both my husband and son, and they are enjoying playing with it. So far, they have managed to get Minecraft Pi onto our TV and also download XBox Media Centre that can stream films and music, and all sorts of other things.

I think it is really important for today's kids to learn to code. (Controversially I think this is much more important than handwriting!) So I have been looking around for ways to enable my boys to do this. I have been checking out a free website a friend recommended with a view to getting the boys started - especially as they both seem to have an interest in that direction. Will keep you posted!