New School for Young Engineers

I love the vision statement for the developing new school for young engineers in Coventry ....

"Supporters of the new school want to create an educational experience that is more relevant to young people’s lives, more relevant to the way they learn and more relevant to the world in which they will have to make their living in. As a dynamic, business-led and progressive institution the WMG Academy for Young Engineers will be designed to take a transformational approach to nurturing successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and sought after employees.

The new school will deliver the national curriculum, but will adopt a unique approach to the task, focusing its expertise on a range of engineering-based disciplines. Following a unique programme of study designed with input and expertise from major employers such as Jaguar Land Rover, National Grid and SCC, and smaller businesses such as King Automotive Systems and Automotive Insulations, pupils will be able to take a problem-solving, practical approach to learning, approaching key subject areas via their application to real-world problems."

The initiative is refreshing, experimentative and ground-breaking. It is great to see industry leading and seeking to realise an alternative vision for upper secondary education. Exciting. Let's hope the vision catches on. Read more here.