Tuesday, 5 November 2013

A paper aeroplane

It is 10.00 p.m. and a paper aeroplane has just come flying down the stairs to me. It contains a message from my eldest son ...

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  1. This is very sad, made worse for me by the fact that I nagged him about doing that mediocre piece of work. We did have a chat about why and I asked his forgiveness. Can I suggest that when he is feeling so negative this is not the moment for a decision to revert to un-school, but it is a moment to set a date for a review of the decision to school. Could it be "hang-in there until the New Year and we'll look at it at Christmas"? And then on one of those days when it has been better/good, seize the opportunity to talk more positively - without closing the door of course to any possibility. Whatever, he needs a cuddle and perhaps a bit of a probe to ask why now? Is he facing something horrid today?