Lego Electro City

This week, the boys attended a Lego Electro City workshop. The session had been organised for home educated children, so there were perhaps 25 kids there. There were five tables with boxes of Lego on, red bricks, white bricks, doors and windows. The children chose bases which were rigged with lightbulbs, and were then encouraged to create houses or buildings of their own design. They could make anything really that you would find in a city - cafes, hospitals, police stations ... etc.

Aftern that, there were road bases which the children arranged on their table. They placed their buildings around their road network, and then made cars, planes, boats and any other vehicles they wanted. They added lots of trees and flowers. There were minifigures to put in place as well.

Then they were given large battery packs and wires, and they had to connect their buildings up using simple circuits so that the lights worked. It was really fun to see all the Lego buildings light up, and so creative to see all the different buildings which the group had made!