Which book will get your child reading?

I have heard it said that for each child there will be a book which ignites the joy of reading. Can you remember which book it was for you as a child, the first book you couldn't put down, that you just wanted to keep on reading? I loved Enid Blyton stories, and I am currently enjoying the stories of The Faraway Tree with my seven-year-old.

I waited with baited breath for a long time to see my eldest son read with delight. It was Cressida Cowell's 'How to Train Your Dragon' series which finally got him going .... but not til he was 10 or 11. He has just turned 12 and is now reading his Warhammer Codex with real pleasure!

It has been a real challenge to find books which appeal to my second son. To date he has enjoyed Tin Tin most of all. The graphic novel seemed to appeal, and I managed to find The Hobbit in this format, which he enjoyed. However, whilst we were away recently, we watched the movie, "The Spiderwick Chronicles" and, to my surprise, he was gripped. When we visited the library recently, he ran to look for the first book in the series and read it in a couple of days. Joy! That is the book which has sparked the flame for him. He is now eagerly awaiting the second book and has asked for the whole series for Christmas. He has also been playing out the story, looking for signs of mystical creatures around our home and creating a special box for his 'fieldwork'. So engaged has he been by this new interest, we looked online and found a Spiderwick field notebook, with spaces to draw and write about your own fantastical creatures. I ordered it immediately, and he received it with great delight and is waiting for a special italic pen to be able to fill it in beautifully. For a boy who has to date shown little interest in reading or writing, this is another great example of child-led learning in process!