Fines for School Absence

This article caught my eye today as a couple are fined in accordance with new guidelines aimed at discouraging families from taking their children out of school for holidays during term time. I find it appalling that the government should punish families in this way, especially in the current economic climate. I think they are dabbling in affairs in which they have no business. Kay Burford, of Telford and Wreken Council, said that ‘Significant absence from school is disruptive to the child’s education and has a detrimental impact on attainment.’ But how do you balance the value of schooling and attainment against family time and the broader worldview a child obtains through travelling? In my opinion, there is no contest. Travelling with their family is bound to teach a child far, far more than a week in the classroom. Everyone knows that family holidays are significantly cheaper during school term times. Why should families be punished in this way for spending quality time together? It is another ploy to stamp on quality family time and relationships in the name of education. If you find yourself in this situation, you need to tell the head teacher of your child's school that your child is being "Educated Off Site" for the period of absence. This is allowed, because you, the parent, are responsible under the law for providing your child with a suitable education - whether at school or otherwise. Do not allow the state to bully you with threats. Know the law and stand up for the rights of families to take a holiday at whatever time of year is possible for them.