Moving Chaos

I have entered the land of limbo ... We are waiting to move house. I apologise to followers of this blog that I have not written very much recently. There are seasons of life - and seasons in home educating - where it feels not a lot is being done. Rather, there are urgent things demanding attention ... dealing with viewings, surveys, solicitors, sorting out the sale of furniture, packing boxes. I forget that all of this is life, real life and the boys are watching and learning. Rather than being in school, detached from the chaos, the stress and the lessons of life, they are there with us, observing us, asking questions and, yes, learning. They will now know a little more about mortgages, selling and buying houses, extensions, surveyors, contractors, solicitors. They will be part of the process of sorting and packing and moving on. And I hope they will be better equipped to deal with these real life scenarios when they grow up, that these things will be less strange, less daunting, that they will approach change with confidence. I am trying to relax and to focus on the positives. It is not easy home educating through a move, but it is never easy moving. Instead of feeling I must do everything myself, I must look at these helpful pairs of hands around me and remember to work together. Instead of keeping my ponderings in my head "to protect the children from the stress", I must learn to speak aloud and let them hear how we work things through in our minds and work to solve problems. Instead of thinking about all the learning they are not doing because I am so busy, I must look at all the learning encompassed in this busy-ness. As usual with unschooling, I need to transform my own outlook and see the opportunities for learning which are right under my nose!