Continued Creativity

I almost had to pinch myself today when our eldest son appeared to be sitting at his laptop writing! Yet I was not mistaken. After some time, I was summoned to read his short story. I was secretly thrilled. As I read the page of text, I was pleasantly surprised. The story was well constructed and very creative. The spelling was not bad. I took the opportunity to explain the use of 'their' vs 'there' (which I don't think he'll forget) and we talked about a few punctuation marks. This was the culmination of a quiet day's absorption creating his own Warhammer army. Warhammer has emerged as the latest craze for our eldest boy, and various figures have been acquired, carefully assembled and painted. The Codex (guidebook) has been duly read and the rules absorbed. Various like-minded friends - of all ages - have been discovered and are regularly telephoned and met with to engage in battle. All this very independently. So today it was great to observe him utilising figures he already has to customise and create his own army. He explained that one of his Warhammer 'mentors' had told him his army must have a story behind them, hence the writing. All this spontaneously and without a word from me.

Just spotted this timely, relevant post on Intense Interests as Gateways from Project-Based Homeschooling.