A visit to the Synagogue

Once upon a time, a long time ago, I trained as an R.E. teacher. During my training, I was privileged to visit many faith communities in their places of worship, and it was always wonderful and awe-inspiring to enter into these amazing buildings and to learn more about the lives of members of faith communities in situ. What better way to learn! It was therefore my great pleasure to organise a visit recently to a local synagogue, following our family's reading of Jewish Tales, a new release from Barefoot Books.

I love to watch the expressions on children's faces as they enter into such holy spaces, and lift their eyes up. We enjoyed looking for the Jewish symbols around the place, and learning more about the life and worship of the local Hebrew community. The children had the opportunity to try on special items of clothing and handle artefacts, to open the Ark and look at the beautiful Torah scrolls and to listen to our guide talking about her life and faith as part of this vibrant community.